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Test Equipment

Understanding that batteries are the heart of many motive power and critical power applications, monitoring their health and reliability is essential to ensure the capability to deliver a critical power source on demand.

Summit Power Systems is pleased of offer the following Battery Testing Equipment from Storage Battery Systems, to assist in your comprehensive battery maintenance and service needs.


SBS-2003: Digital Battery Hydrometer - Storage Battery Systems, LLC / SBS BATTERY


Digital Hydrometers

Digital Battery Hydrometers (SBS-2003, SBS-2002, SBS-2500 & SBS-3500) provide accurate recording, storage and transfer of battery data to a PC, eliminating hand recording.

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SBS-6500: Internal Resistance Testing Kit - Storage Battery Systems, LLC / SBS BATTERY


Internal Resistance Tester

The SBS-6500 portable internal resistance/voltage tester is accurate and fast - in under 3 seconds the user can test and record a battery's internal resistance, voltage and temperature.

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SBS-200CT battery discharge cycler


DC Load Banks

We offer many constant current DC load banks and discharge cyclers (SBS-200CT, SBS-8400, 4830S, 1110S, 1230S, 2206S, 2415S & GL-1000).

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battery gas hydrogen detector


Hydrogen Gas Detector

Because many types of batteries produce flammable hydrogen gas during normal charging, hydrogen gas detection is of the utmost importance. The SBS-H2 hydrogen detection kit is ideal for battery rooms.

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PowerTrac battery data logger


Forklift Battery Monitors

Monitoring products for the material handling industry from CellTrac, Power Designers and Ferro Magnetic. Information such as utilization, temperatures, cycle counts and performance can be monitored 24 hours a day.

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unbreakable hydrometer


Manual Hydrometer

Industrial-grade manual hydrometer with heavy duty glass float (Z1G).

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