SBS – Flat Plate Battery

SBS Lift Truck Flat Plate Industrial Battery


  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

F Series Battery

Design Features and Benefits

  • Designed to deliver reliable, consistent power on demand
  • Unique positive grid design for better electron flow
  • Maximized conductivity through improved paste formation
  • Designed for rigorous and heavy day-in and day-out operations
  • Five-fold plate insulation holds active material in place for longer battery life
  • Heavy duty design for opportunity and rapid charge applications
  • Improved separator design that helps reduce mossing and minimizes plate exposure

Watering System and Vent Caps for Flat Plate Industrial Battery

User-Replaceable Bolt-On Cable Connections

  • Cone and thimble bolt easy on/off design
  • Eliminates the need for battery technician replacement saving time and money
  • Allows facility personnel to make immediate repairs to cut or torn cables 24/7 eliminating downtime
  • Increases safety since connectors and contacts can be replaced while the cables are not connected to a live battery

Acid-Resistant, Powder-Coated Epoxy Steel Battery Trays

  • Resists corrosive effects from acid
  • Provides protection from voltage leakage to the truck
  • Coated on all inner and outer surfaces for complete protection

Optional Electrolyte Indicator:

Philadelphia Scientific Blinky and Smart Blinky Watering Monitors
  • Ultra-reliable electrolyte-level Indicator with green blinking light and single wire connection

Flip-top Vent Caps

  • Fast, easy filling, low spill and fewer missing caps which can allow leakage and corrosion
  • Compatible with all water level indicators

F Series Battery Cell Diagram