Industrial Battery Chargers

SPS offers an extensive product line of industrial battery chargers from light duty, single shift operations to heavy duty, multi-shift operations and everything in between. Regardless of temperature (hot or cold) or battery type (Flooded, AGM, Gel, Tubular, Low Maintenance, etc.), SPS has the right battery charger for your application. Whether you choose to purchase or lease equipment, you will find our line of chargers to be an exceptional value.

Charging Technologies Magnetics Ferro Resonant Battery Charger

Charging Technologies: Resonant

High-energy efficiency of 87% and power factor of 90%. A fail-safe environment for your battery.

SBS MicroSMART RHF Industrial Battery Charger


Energy-efficient battery charger in a lightweight package. Uses a modern MOSFET power conversion circuit for precision charging of industrial batteries.

EcoPoint HF1 Industrial Battery Charger

Ecopoint HF1 Charger EcoPoint HF1 Charger

The Ecopoint HF1 battery charger is a full-featured, single phase industrial battery charger. Fully-discharged batteries are charged in approximately 8 hours.