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Handling Equipment

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  1. Sackett Handling Products

    Sackett Handling Products


    Ruggedly built to handle industrial lift truck batteries, Sackett has a complete line of battery exchange equipment including:

    • Single, double, triple, quad or five-high stacking Hydra-Handler systems
    • Transfer carts
    • Battery charging stands
    • Wash systems
    • Accessories

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  2. Flow-Rite Battery Watering Systems

    Flow-Rite Battery Watering Systems

    Flow-Rite battery watering products. Flow-Rite makes battery maintenance easy with a full line of Single Point Battery Watering systems and flip top watering caps. Fill batteries faster, safer, and more reliably than ever before with Millennium Evo, Pro-Fill, or Qwik-Fill on-board watering systems. Each application-specific system consists of automatic shut off valves interconnected with tubing that replace the existing vent caps. A quick coupling allows the system to be connected to a water supply. Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level. The entire process takes only 30 seconds per battery. Learn More

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2 Item(s)