Crown Batteries

Crown Battery and Summit Power Systems, LLC offer a full line of lead-acid batteries for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and other types of battery-powered industrial equipment. We can custom design your battery per your requirements and specifications. As with all Crown Batteries, our industrial motive power batteries are the top of the line.

  • Crown batteries are one of the heaviest batteries in the industrial market place
  • Crown batteries use thirteen vertical grid wires for better charge/recharge and deep cycling capabilities
  • Crown Battery is the only company to utilize total POSIWRAP PROTECTION™, the most insulated industrial batteries available on the market
  • Crown Battery is the only company to use negative edge protection on our 85 and 125 plates that ensure even longer life by reducing mossing shorts along the top of the plates
  • Crown Battery also uses sleeve-style separators that eliminate missing or misaligned separators
Crown General Flat Plate Industrial Batteries

Crown Battery - General Flat Plate Industrial Batteries

Crown Battery - General Flat Plate Industrial Batteries: V-Line and C-Line

Crown H2Go Industrial Battery

Crown Battery – H2Go

The H2Go features a modified grid alloy that reduces gassing, and an advanced separator material that improves charge acceptance. It also has a LED electrolyte monitor that shows current levels and indicates required watering maintenance.

Crown Max Haul High Capacity Flat Plate Battery

Crown Battery Max Haul High Capacity Flat Plate

MAX-HAUL delivers the long-lasting performance of traditional flat-plate batteries with the higher capacity and cycle performance claimed by tubular plate batteries. With four years of engineering development and extensive testing, the MAX-HAUL design outperformed similar high-capacity tubular batteries in side-by-side field trials. In very tough conditions it ran longer and cooler than the competition – which means more production and longer life. Max Haul batteries come with a five year warranty.