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  1. Crown Battery - Max Haul High Capacity Flat Plate

    Crown Battery - Max Haul High Capacity Flat Plate

    MAX-HAUL delivers the long-lasting performance of traditional flat-plate batteries with the higher capacity and cycle performance claimed by tubular plate batteries. With four years of engineering development and extensive testing, the MAX-HAUL design outperformed similar high-capacity tubular batteries in side-by-side field trials. In very tough conditions it ran longer and cooler than the competition – which means more production and longer life. Max Haul batteries come with a five year warranty. Learn More
  2. Ferro Magnetics: High Frequency

    Ferro Magnetics: High Frequency

    High efficiency opportunity charger Learn More
  3. Ferro Magnetics: Ferro Resonant

    Ferro Magnetics: Ferro Resonant

    High-energy efficiency of 87% and power factor of 90%. A fail-safe environment for your battery. Learn More

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